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PMC changes the game with an industry first

June 28, 2012—Paragon Manufacturing Company (PMC) is excited to announce what it believes to be an industry first—a lifetime warranty on its pulley lifting cables.

PMC’s industry leading four cable hoist drive system incorporates two CNC-precision machined pulleys, which are designed to provide extended cable life. Its unique three piece design includes two cables per pulley. The revolutionary pulley system is part of PMC’s line of retractable loading spouts.

After scrutinizing what is considered to be the industry standard in pulley systems, PMC’s engineers believed they could devise a better system. A side by side comparison reveals significant differences between PMC’s CNC-precision machined pulley and a pulley from the competition. The interior of a PMC pulley is smooth. The wear and tear on cables often associated the industry standard is virtually eliminated when an old pulley system is replaced with a PMC CNC-precision machined pulley.

“We are so confident in our pulley design,” said Jon Jasinski, president of PMC “we will offer a lifetime warranty on the lifting cables. If they wear or fail due to friction of the pulley we will replace the cables at no cost.”

Founded in 2008, PMC manufactures dust free bulk material loading and handling equipment, including retractable loading spout, filter, airflow conveying/diverting and material control gate systems. Its equipment is used to load and convey dust laden bulk materials in various applications including rail-cars, semi-tankers, open trucks, barges and stock piling. PMC is located in East Jordan, MI with ten full-time employees. Look to PMC for personalized service, design flexibility, quality products, competitive pricing, field support and on-time delivery.


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