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Dust Free Bulk Material Loading & Handling Equipment

About Us

SERVICE: PMC is determined to change the way business is done. Just because that’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean that’s way it should be done. At PMC, the customer comes first. We pride ourselves on offering personalized service, design flexibility, quality products, competitive pricing, field support and on-time delivery. We are manufacturing a product FOR you—you should get what you want. Founded in 2008, PMC manufactures dust-free bulk material loading and handling equipment. Products include retractable loading spout, filter, airflow conveying/diverting and material control gate systems used to deliver powders, grains, cement, coal, aggregates, plastic pellets and more in various load-out applications, including railcars, semi-tankers, open truck and stock piling.

QUALITY: Our commitment to excellence has led to an industry first—PMC offers a LIFETIME warranty on its drive pulley lifting cables The four cable hoist drive system incorporates two precision machined pulleys designed to provide extended cable life. Its unique system includes two cables per pulley. If your cables ever wear out or become weak due to friction from the pulley, PMC will replace the cables at no cost to you.

SUPPORT: We use the services of top equipment sales firms throughout the United States to represent our product line. The symbiotic relationship formed through a customer-rep-manufacturer alliance is the backbone of our business and at PMC we’ve aligned ourselves with the best rep. groups in the country. A complete list of sales firms can be found under contact information.

  PMC Unlimited, LLC • 606 Bridge Street • East Jordan, MI 49727
Phone: 231-536-7622 • Fax: 231-582-9937 • sales@pmcunlimited.com
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